I was going through my old hard drive and found these photos of my trip to Bangkok way back in 2009. Here are some of the photos from that trip which I managed to salvage, I decided to have them all in black&white which I believe give a different mood in comparison to the normal vivid color travel photos.


Back then  I was still using my old Nikon D80 with the standard kit lens the 18-135mm F3.5-5.6. This was my very first digital SLR and it is actually still alive today with no faults nor complaints, well actually there is the noise level at at higher ISOs but then again its not really fair comparing 2006 technology in 2013.

As what I can recall I landed in Suvarnabhumi Airport at a very late hour and not to forget getting stuck in the Friday night traffic crawl. So there was nothing much to do but to check in to the motel in Sukhumvit and get a good rest for the next morning.

Getting around Bangkok is fairly easy. The choice of public transport that I would opt for is the Skytrain also known as BTS, if train doesn’t take you where you want to go there is always the Tuk-Tuk.


Anyway I shall not ramble on my experience and will try to get my photos to speak for themselves. My first stop for the trip was the Chatuchak Weekend Market. It’s bloody huge and has over 8000 stalls. You wont be able to cover the whole place in a day that’s for sure.


Each row is numbered so that whenever you get lost. Just look at the big number and hope for the best.


This old lady did not have a booth and was selling ladies underwear in the middle of the pathway at 50 Baht a piece. She was probably really tired from the heat as it was mid-day and she had fallen asleep leaning on the stool.


The next stop was the Wat Arun Temple, located in Bangkok city itself it is quite an intriguing site. Standing at  around 80 meters it does give a spectacular backdrop to the city. It would have been great to spend a bit more time taking photos here but of course you are always racing against time when on vacation.


The top pillar of Wat Arun. From the back of the temple you can climb  the very steep staircase from the back of the temple and get a nice view of the city.




The famous Khao San Road. The hub for backpackers, cheap inns as well cheap bars.


The telecom people must have a headache if anything goes wrong.


As the final day came to and end I took the bus in the direction of Sukhumvit Road and ended up taking the Skytrain the remaining bit of the journey to find the station had been turned to a place for teenagers doing showing off their dance movies and vendors selling T-shirts.


Probably not the most descriptive travel blog post. But it was many years ago and I don’t remember all the details, anyway hopefully the photos are more delightful in comparison to by random travel ramblings.

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