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General Photography - Andy Saiden

General Photography


I’ve actually contemplated for quite some time now to buy a new lens, and as I have praised this lens many times before it was no surprise that the Nikon 35mm 1.8G DX would be my top for a prime lens along side my trusty 50mm f1.8.  This will not be a thorough review of the lens but just a short test run with the lens as I have yet had the time to full test the lens to its fullest potential.

So far its been great shooting with a prime lens again, as essentially with a 35mm on cropped sensor is actually  52mm focal length if it was a full frame camera.  From the very brief time I’ve had with the lens I can positively say that lens gives excellent image quality for each shot, it is a value for money lens as it does not cost an arm of leg, it’s fast with an aperture of f1.8 and has somewhat resistance to flaring.

On the negative side of the spectrum, the lens does not produce the best Bokehlicious images, but I have to say the images are very sharp indeed. Also there has been reports of chromatic aberration and colour fringing at large apertures. Despite it’s negative aspects,  I would still give this lens a two thumbs up.

My brother, getting the fire started for our BBQ session


My first grilled marshmallow and also testing the BOKEH


My chicken looks really good, also very sharp and good at low light this lens.


Nyummm more chicken.



Ruby the cat
Ruby the cat



Now I don’t normally do shoots with men,  not sure why to be honest. Anyway it just made me realize that I should be shooting more photographs with men and women together or just men.  I font want to be  a sexist now do I. Anyway moving along, my good friend Sean gave me a call upon returning to Malaysia as he is now currently based in Sydney, Australia.  He needed my help to shoot some photos of him for his YouTube channel as well as his Facebook fan page. So in return of some photos he bough me many rounds of refreshing beverages.

I was actually not going to post these photos at first however decided otherwise. As I thought it would be interesting to show how much you can achieve by just using two speedlights in photography.  These photos were taken while on a assignment and the goal was to capture people and their pets together in a homey environment. For this particular shoot I decided to use a soft box as the key light and an umbrella as the  fill light. 

So what is stock photography? According to wikipedia it is “the supply of photographs licensed for specific uses. It is used to fulfill the needs of creative assignments instead of hiring a photographer.” Basically it means photos which are available for use of marketers and advertisers.

Every time you read a magazine, a blog post or whenever you look at a newspapers, billboard, textbooks, book covers, business catalogs, direct mail, or a business profile you are probably looking at stock photography.In today’s modern world, probably 99.9% of  stock photography are sold online. Very so often these photos involve people or models posing with overly excited expressions, trying to portray the most enthusiastic positive manner a person can possible express. As its not about creating beautiful artistic photos however it is about creating bold concepts which would potentially be sold to clients.