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News - Andy Saiden



Just recently I bought myself an early birthday present; the Kindle Paperwhite. As I had my friend from the United States purchase it for me. It only occured to me that the device I have is the one with advertisements.  Now at first I was not too concerned about the special promotion on the main menu, however what truly annoyed me was the screensaver which would feature ads every time the device was set on standby. Now I’m sure that I am not the only who is annoyed by this, as I have seen many people posting questions on forums asking how can they remove the ads from the kindle. Now most people would suggest having the Kindle Paperwhite hacked or to be in state of jailbreak, which frankly I do not wish to do as there is a risk of permanently causing your Kindle to stop functioning altogether.

I know that there are many Nikon fan boys out there just loving the sound of the burst modes their cameras make when you keep the shutter button down. The Nikon D4 has a burst rate of 10fps(frames per second) which is equal to a AK-47 assault rifle. In this video will see the comparison of the difference in burst modes for the Nikon D700, D3X, D300S, D7000, D800 and D4


As time lapse photography is becoming more popular among photographers, I though of sharing an excellent video by the famous photographer Vincent Laforet. In this video Laforet gives us the basics of what you need to know about time lapse photography and how to be successful at creating those breathtaking videos. One of the key aspects of the video is in regards to how Laforet calculates the number of photographs needed in order to create a smooth finish to the time lapse video.

Nikon has just released firmware update for nine of its DSLRs from the entry level D3200 to its professional level D4. One of the main highlights of the updates which Nikon has rolled out are individual tweaks for each specific camera and the support for the AF-S 800mm f5.6E lens. The list of cameras getting the updates are the Nikon D3200, D7000, D600, D800, D800E, D3, D3X, D3S, and D4.