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On Assignment: Cats, Kittens and People

I was actually not going to post these photos at first however decided otherwise. As I thought it would be interesting to show how much you can achieve by just using two speedlights in photography.  These photos were taken while on a assignment and the goal was to capture people and their pets together in a homey environment. For this particular shoot I decided to use a soft box as the key light and an umbrella as the  fill light. 

The diagram below shows roughly how I had set up the lightnings for each photo. As for triggering the speelights, I trusted Nikon’s creative lighting system to do the job. It also saves me the trouble from going back and forth in order to adjust the power for each speedlight.

Andy Saiden


To be specific both speedlights used for this shoot was the Nikon SB-800.  Simple and does the job brilliantly.


To be honest the hard part was not getting the lights in place however it was getting the cats to sit still and try to look as if it was having a blast. This large male Maine Coon  was not as cooperative as he looks, always running away as he was not so keen on the bright flashes in his eyes.




Aside from the first photo all of the rest were taken outdoors. However I still stuck to my standard 2 speelight setup in order to control the light better as well as making the subject pop our from the background. Another reason for using the speedlights was that the subjects were placed in shady area. Therefore in order to control the exposure better my SB600 did the job perfectly again.



Shooting the kittens was fun, as they were not as aggressive as their adult counterparts so they did not try to run away so very often. Also a tip for those who wish to photograph their cats is you will need something to to distract them and make them all look in the direction you want them to. As for the kittens we used a cat teaser which made well almost all of them look the same way.







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