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iPhonegraphy Taking Over Professional Photography is Absurd - Andy Saiden

Today I almost smashed by coffee mug against the computer screen upon reading a preposterous article about how the iPhone is a better choice for professional photography. It would perhaps been a little forgiving if the article I was reading was from an online blog in North Korea, however to add to insult the article was published through Wired magazine.

The author claims that many professional photographers have made the switch from photography to iPhonegraphy. As if this person would pay a professional photographer to shoot their own wedding using just a bloody iPhone. Please do excuse my language as I am in rage at the insult this person has made towards all photographers around the world.

In response to the article, in no way will DSLR manufacturers step aside from the business of making these fantastic piece of equipment in order to be replaced with an iPhone.  Any photographer will be able to give hundreds of different reasons why the DSLR triumphs over the iPhone.

Sadly not only has the writer at WIRED got it all wrong, the Chicago Sun-Times has fired a team of 28 professional photographers in order to be replaced by journalist armed with an iPhone. According to their media blogger Robert Feder, their reporters will start their mandatory iphone photography training in their efforts to cut the cost of the newspaper.

It does make you wonder if the mandatory training would include an introduction to instagram as well.

DSLRs are far more advanced in terms of technology in comparison to the iPhone.  It is a complete utter disrespect towards photographers as well as to photography to instigate that the iPhone can replace a proper camera. I have yet to see any professional photographer whip out an iPhone to shoot a wedding or to shoot Kate Moss for her next magazine cover. Its is complete nonsense.

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