Klang Premier Century Ride 2015

Klang Premier Century Ride 2015

Before entering the Klang Premier Century Ride 2015 I had heard from my team-mates about the danger of this event due the condition of the roads in Klang. However I chose to brush it off and register anyway. This being only by third event I had ever registered for, as previously I had only done one proper century ride an another 128km enduride. Also I do find it strange that they call it a century ride when the total distance was only 122km. Most probably the organisers lack the understanding the methodology of a century ride.

Anyway before flagging off, I had done some research on the route, which was very flat, and I had imagined it to be fast paced and difficult for riders to breakaway from the main peloton. The elevation gain for the total ride was only around 100 meters. This meant it would be difficult to see any breakaways and was certainly built for a sprint finish. 

The event started on time, flagging off from the Premier Hotel at exactly 7am. The cloudy and cool weather made the ride very pleasant as it stayed that way through out the day. However the entire race was far from pleasant. Due to the horrid road conditions in the Klang area,  right after the flag off I had to be on my toes as riders would be swerving left and right to avoid pot holes and cracks on the road. About 20km into the race I had already had to avoid countless bottles rolling around on the road and also some very close calls where the front riders would jam their brakes. At one point my wheels were touching my team-mate, fortunately we both managed to stay up right.  

Upon reaching Banting town there was a left hand turn which immediately caused the peloton almost come to a immediate halt as there was a building which was still soaking in water as the fire fighters had just put out at fire. The road narrowed as we had to move aside to avoid the fire truck.

The burnt down building can be seen on the left hand side with fire fighters taking up a lane of the road. 

The next ordeal of the day was just before reaching Pantai Morib where a taxi had ignored the police and continued to drive along the road. A few of the riders who were going well over 40km/h in the opposite lane panicked which resulted in at 3 to 4 riders hitting ground. Not long after that we reached our first U-turn which was in all honesty a very tight squeeze. I had prepared for it and made sure to take the long way round the turn just be safe. Those who were stuck in the middle were forced to unclip and slowly push their bikes around the turn. 

Taxi driving right into the cyclist, however the video doesn’t do justice to show what happened further upfront 

Roughly around 50km into the ride we squeezed into a very small and uneven road which frankly was better suited for MTBs than it was for road bikes. To make matter worse these small roads were filled with potholes, sand, mud, as well as small bridges which caused a bit of a mayhem in the rear of the group. The Second U-Turn was not any better than the first, to make things worse the road which was already small now had ridders coming from the opposite direction. 

The final 20km was fast, and it did not help that the road conditions leading to the finish line was worse than ever. The speed was hovering around the high 40km/h and it was intense seeing a rider hit the ground after misjudging a speed hump, what made it worse was his bike bounced off the ground and hit another rider to his left which caused a domino effect to the back. I was a bit shaken up by the incident but but my team-mates snapped me back and I continued to pedal along with the peloton. 

As we were approaching the final 5km, everyone started to feel the need to move forward, a train on the right was trying to get forward fast, however that ended up in great catastrophe as riders collided, I jammed by brakes almost rode over a few bottles and Garmins rolling around.

Klang Premiere Century Ride 2015   001At this point I told myself to just keep myself out of trouble as I did not have the experience to be part of a bunch sprint towards the finish, I eased off  a bit to keep myself somewhere in the middle of the peloton and as I saw the finishing line coming up in the last few hundred meters. A massive crash happened right in front of me, I jammed my brakes and came to a screeching halt. Unclipped and moved aside to make sure not be obstacle for the other rides coming up from behind.

I can’t say for certain how many riders went down. But there were at least 10 bikes on the ground from what I can recall. According to the a few riders it would seem that it was caused by a stationary car which was parked on the left hand side of the road. Not being able to avoid the stationary car the rider smashed into it and went down causing other behind to also topple over. And on the right hand side of the road in the heat of battling for the sprint a few riders had their handle bar lock up which also resulted in a crash. IMG_20150524_101509

Normally I would be walking away with a sense of happiness and satisfaction after completing an event like this. however this would be the first one that I walked away feeling a bit sad and angry after seeing so many riders go down and also my fellow team mates hitting the ground.  The route set by the organiser is not safe and I would advise any fellow riders reading to please stay away from this event. Unless they change the route this will certainly be my very first and last Klang Premier Century Ride. 


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