It had probably been 10 years since I last visited Pulau Pangkor, anyway my family and I decided to have small vacation so we decided to give the island a try. One of the reasons was that its located relatively near to Kuala Lumpur. It took us about 3 hours to drive from the capital to the jetty town of Lumut. Upon arriving in Lumut we realize that much had changed over the years, there were now convenient covered car parks for travelers to leave their cars, a new jetty terminal and many restaurants and shops.

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As we reached the ferry terminal we realized most of the people we coming back from the island as it was a Sunday and everyone was rushing back for work the next day. We planned it this was so that we wouldn’t be overwhelmed by the weekend crowd.

The ferry ride to the island was fast and comfortable. Also relatively cheap at only MYR 10.00 for a return trip. The ferries are equipped with air-conditioning and some also have a deck where you can enjoy the breeze.

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These pink taxis are the main transport for tourist. Expect to pay between MYR10 to MYR 30 depending on how far your hotel is located from the jetty. These taxis have a fix rate which are very listed on the board at the ferry terminal. I would say the best part of the taxis is that they charge per trip and not per person. If you are traveling alone then I would suggest renting a motorcycle which will cost around MYR25.00/day.

Pangkor Taxi

Took a morning walk on Pasir Bogak, which is located on South West of the island. The morning was very peaceful, seeing the morning mist being blown off the hills and the small splashes of the waves hitting the beach. Towards the late morning there were not many people on the beach, so you could actually find a spot you like and relax for hours without being disturbed.

Pasir Bogak, Pulau Pangkor

Besides tourism Pulau Pangkor is also known for its fishing industry. Many of the people living on the island earn their wages through fishing and trading of fishery items.

I managed to capture these photos by sheer luck as it was on the way back to the hotel where we spotted the local fishermen busy at work trying to gather anchovies (also known as ikan bilis).  The fishermen work in such coordination that from the time of deploying the net to gathering the fish only takes about 30-45 minutes.

Workers hard at work helping the automated crane reel in the net.

According to our boat driver, these boats can haul in about 200 – 300 kg of anchovies for every cast. However as you can see in the photo bellow the return was not that great.

Dried anchovies for sale by the grams in the little town of Pangkor. They come in different grades and sizes. Make sure to buy a few bags home especially if you are a fan of sambal ikan bilis. As its really cheap in comparison o what you pay for in Kuala Lumpur.

Pualau Pangkor (island) is probably not the most beautiful island in Malaysia but it does have its own charm and character. I would describe it as a smaller version of Langkawi island, it has the basic infrastructure of a small village. Banks, post office, a row of shops in town about 2 schools for the locals. But that’s’ about it, the entire island is only 8 square kilometers and with a motorcycle its 30 min for a full circle.  The island is a great place for weekend gateways and also experience the island life of the local fishermen.

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