Batu Caves is a large limestone outcrop famous for its temple which draws in thousands of Hindu devotees every year. The main attraction is its 272 steps leading up to the main temple which is situated 100 meters above the ground and inside a large cave. However what I came to know only recently is that Batu Caves is also a hot spot for a very different sort of activity. What I’m referring to is rock climbing the limestone and granite walls of the mountain. In total Batu Caves has 8 different crags and a total of 170 routes.

The most famous of the eight is Damai Wall or also known as Gua Damai Extreme Park. Situated on the Northern side of Batu Caves, Damai Wall has around 35 different routes and many of the routes are graded between 5C to 6B+ with an exception of a few more difficult routes reaching 7A. Which is why this spot is popular among beginners.

Also what makes Damai Wall so attractive are the facilities which it houses,  proper parking bays, rain shelters, washrooms, showers and even a rental shop.

Climbers who do not have enough equipment can rent gear from the shop which offers climbing shoes, harnesses, belay devices and even rope for rental. The equipment are in good condition and well maintained.

As a beginner like myself who just started climbing earlier this year, I found Damai Wall surprisingly well maintained as when I was first introduced to climbing outdoors by my good friend Ramon Fadli , I was skeptical at first as I had previously only been exposed to indoor climbing. However I was quickly proven wrong as the site open my eyes to a mix of great outdoor climbing and an abundance of facilities in the vicinity.

Dawal Wall ( Gua Damai extreme park) -10

It was also nice to see many younger climbers as young as 6 to 9 years old climbing the different routes on Damai without showing any fear.  On certain days also be prepared to encounter groups of new climber going through introductory courses which are organised by the local climbing gyms.

Dawal Wall ( Gua Damai extreme park) -1-2

Annually Damai Wall plays a host to base jumpers from all around the globe. This years it was held in September which saw 27 jumpers from 7 nations perform this breathtaking leaps from the peak of the wall soaring through the air and safely down to the base of the mountain.

Useful information

Difficulty: 5C to 7A, mostly 5C to 6B+
Number of Routes: Approximately 30 with multi-pitch
Length of Route: 15m to 30m

Nearest Address: Kampung Melayu Wira Damai Batu Caves, Selangor Malaysia
GPS Coordinates: Longitude: 101.687457 Latitude: 3.247688 ( See map below)

Getting there:
The easiest and fastest way is to take taxi to the above nearest address, once you are in the village, drive carefully and slow in the village as narrow road and children around. Then look for the Mosque and the crag can be seen in front of the mosque. Remember to bring a street map along. Also look for small orange road signs that says “Gua Damai Extreme Park”.


Admission: Free
Car-park: Proper parking bays are available
Rain Shelter:  Multiple gazebos are available
Washroom: Toilets are available at the rental shop with a small fee of MYR 0.30 per entry and MYR1.00 for the shower.
Shop/Stores: There is one shop right be the wall that rents out climbing equipment consisting of ropes, shoes, harnesses, belay devices etc as well as selling cold refreshments. There are also other shops located in vicinity roughly about 5 min away on foot.

For more information in regards to organized hiking trips, introductory courses to climbing, caving and abseiling  please visit Gua Damai Extreme Park 

 Location Map

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