Nanyang Wall is one of the many rock climbing spots situated around Batu Caves, it is located very close to the main road which makes it more accessible in comparison to the other walls in the Batu Caves area.  Nanyang wall is strategically located near a commercial area with ample parking spaces as well as restaurants and convenient shops.


Nanyang Wall, Batu Caves-1-2

Nanyang Wall, Batu Caves-1-3

I began the morning to Nanyang wall by fetching my climbing friend Janis on the road side off Jalan Ampang. We then met up at the “mamak” restaurant nearby to have some coffee and “roti canai”, where my friend Syiaful was waiting for us. Soon after indulging on some calorie filled Malaysian breakfast we began our short walk to end of the car park where we were met by a shady looking bridge with parts of the wooden planks on the walkway had rotten away. Being extra careful crossing the small bridge over the monsoon drain we then passed a small vegetable garden and the wall that now surrounds the water treatment facility.

Nanyang Wall, Batu Caves-3

Nanyang Wall, Batu Caves-5
Large wooden benches have been placed for climbers to place their gears just just to relax on.

Despite the ugliness of the wall it does serve as a protective barrier from the sun and the smell that looms behind it. Some of the climbers have been placed bolts in the wall so that they can hang their hammocks from one wall to the other.

Nanyang wall is divided into a few sections and offers more technical climbs, the routes here starts at 5C and goes up to 8A in difficulty. There are also a few multi-pitches scattered around however most routes are single pitches. Also a point to consider is that the stench from the water treatment can be somewhat overpowering at times especially when climbing towards the far right side of the wall.

Nanyang Wall, Batu Caves-3-2
Quck draws laid out before climbing.
Nanyang Wall, Batu Caves-2-2
Feel free to use the mats for your ropes.
Nanyang Wall, Batu Caves-6-2
The view from above one of the 6A route

If you walk further towards the main road, this is where the Nanyang Wall ends and the Roadshow Wall begins. The name comes from the side which gives motorist quite a spectacular view of people climbing. Rumor has it, there have been a few accidents from motorist actually coming to a stop trying to catch a gimps of the climbers.

Personally I found Nanyang wall a great place for rock climbing more technical routes and in comparison to Damai Wall it offers a bit more of a challenge and also perhaps less chaotic. I say this as Damai can be quite crowded over the weekends due its overwhelming number of easy routes and also the facilities made available. I will certainly return to Nanyang for another weekend of climbing very soon.

Additional Information

Difficulty: 5c to 8a, mostly 6a to 6c
No of Routes: Approximately 25 with multi-pitch
Length of Route: 8m to 30m, mostly below 25m


Nearest Address: 15 Jalan SM 5a,Taman Sunway Batu Caves, 68100 Batu Caves, Selangor Malaysia

The view from the open air car par.
The view from the open air car par.

Getting there:

The easiest and fastest way is to take taxi  or driving. The open car park is free and there is also a car wash in vicinity.


Car-Park: Available next to the crag
Rain Shelter: Not available, however some belay area is sheltered from rain by the overhanging wall.
Washroom: There are not washrooms, however you may use the ones in the restaurants however be curious and purchase something.
Shop/Stores: Yes, convenient stores and restaurants are in the area.

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