Summer of 2008

Summer of 2008

I was going through my old hard drive when I came across these old photos which were taken back in the summer of 2008, in Sweden. Decided to give them a bit of a tune up and post them here. All photos taken using my old Nikon D80 and the stock 18 -135mm lenseĀ 

Sweden 2008-8
Sunrise at 3am.

Sweden 2008-1

Sweden 2008-5

Sweden 2008-3

Sweden 2008-13
Kids enjoying the warmer sea water during summer times.

Sweden 2008-4

Sweden 2008-14
A kiosk employee enjoying the sun.

Sweden 2008-10

Sweden 2008-1
Gamla Stan, Stockholm

Sweden 2008-2

Sweden 2008-11

Sweden 2008-12


i love for your style of is look neutral and composition of your picture is great too..thank to you..i got inspiration from your photos..

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