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On Assignment: Cats, Kittens and People

I was actually not going to post these photos at first however decided otherwise. As I thought it would be interesting to show how much you can achieve by just using two speedlights in photography.  These photos were taken while on a assignment and the goal was to capture people and their pets together in a homey environment. For this particular shoot I decided to use a soft box as the key light and an umbrella as the  fill light.  Continue Reading

www.andysaiden,com Time lapse

Time Lapse Photography with Vincent Laforet

As time lapse photography is becoming more popular among photographers, I though of sharing an excellent video by the famous photographer Vincent Laforet. In this video Laforet gives us the basics of what you need to know about time lapse photography and how to be successful at creating those breathtaking videos. One of the key aspects of the video is in regards to how Laforet calculates the number of photographs needed in order to create a smooth finish to the time lapse video. Continue Reading

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