Broga Hill (Bukit Broga) is also known as “Bukit Lalang’ due to the abundance of the species called ‘lalang’ grass which grows on the hill. Located in Semenyih, Broga Hill stands at 400 meters high and is located roughly about 40 minutes from Kuala Lumpur. Broga Hill can be reached a short distance after the University of Nottingham, where the entrance trail starts from an oil palm estate facing a rabbit park across the road. The entrance to the car park is marked on the map below.

Gunung Brinchang (Mount Brinchang) is located in the Cameron Highlands and it is classified as the highest mountain in peninsula Malaysia accessible by road and stands at 2,032 meters (6,667ft) above sea level. Gunung Brinchang is also the second highest mountain in Cameron Highlands. Taking the road up is no challenge so the obvious route to the top is to hike through the jungle which I would personally consider very different compared to other hikes I have been to. 

Gunung Datuk (also known as Mount Rembau or Mount Datuk Rembau) located in Rembau, Negeri Sembilan. Standing at 886 meter above sea level it is by far not the highest mountain around but it does provide hiker with a good view.  The mountain was to become the setting for my first night hike. The original plan was to reach the starting point by 6am and then start hiking up the mountain at the break of dawn. However due to the fact non of the members in the group were able to sleep, we decided to make a move early in order to reach the peak before sunrise.