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Time Lapse Photography with Vincent Laforet - Andy Saiden

As time lapse photography is becoming more popular among photographers, I though of sharing an excellent video by the famous photographer Vincent Laforet. In this video Laforet gives us the basics of what you need to know about time lapse photography and how to be successful at creating those breathtaking videos. One of the key aspects of the video is in regards to how Laforet calculates the number of photographs needed in order to create a smooth finish to the time lapse video.


As a proud owner  of a Nikon D7000, I have listed steps on how to setup your camera for lime lapse. I am not sure if it is the same for other Nikon DLSRs.

1. Press the MENU button

2. Scroll to SHOOTING MENU


4. Setup the required data

a. Select a start time
b. Pick an interval
c. Select the number of intervals
d. Select the number of shots per interval


The easiest way to start is to set the start time to “NOW” which means that once you have the timer set up and fire it the camera will immediately start making images for the time-lapse.

Tips for time lapse

1. It’s a known fact that the D7000 won’t let you enter the interval timer function if you haven’t set your camera’s date and time.

2. Make sure you have a fully-charged battery.

3. Use a sturdy tripod.

4. Frame your shot before you begin.

5. Set your camera to manual and set your exposure and ISO.

6. For faster time-lapse creation in post use JPG fine. If you want the best quality, have the time and experience, shoot in RAW mode and batch correct the RAW files before sending them to your time-lapse software.



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