What To Bring On A Bike Ride

What To Bring On A Bike Ride

Regardless of how far you will be riding your bike, there a few essentials that you should not leave home without. It might seems excessive at first, however this will prevent you from being stranded in the middle of nowhere and not being able to pedal home.

I will not cover all the items that you can bring along, however I will concentrate on the essentials you will need. These are the items that are always with me on any ride.

What to bring on a bike ride

1. Spare tubes

One of the most essential item to bring on a ride is the spare tubes. Now personally I would carry two tubes when going on long rides alone or when riding in a small group. As the unluckiest of days could result in two punctures in a day. During larger group rides, you can make do with just one spare tube. As in case of emergency there is always someone with an extra tube. Also a good tip would be to check the spare tubes that you bring along to ensure that they not faulty.

2. CO2 Inflator/ Hand Pump

Now with a new tube in place you will need to re inflate the tires again. Personally I prefer to carry around a CO2 inflator instead of a conventional hand pump. The reason for this is that it takes less space and inflates the tire almost instantly when triggered. However there is a downside to using CO2, the first is that you have only chance at getting right while inflating the tire, and secondly they are a bit most costly in the long run. Be sure to carry an extra canister of CO2, in case the first one leaks or you have two separate punctures. Also bring along a presta valve adapter so that you can use the air pumps at the petrol stations. 


3.  Tire Levers

Tire levers are probably the least glamorous item on the list yet very essential to remove the inner tube quickly and to place the tire back in place.

4. Multi Tool

A multi-tool will help you in many ways, having one with a complete set of hex keys, screw drivers and chain cutter will serve you in almost any situation you may encounter while out riding. It could be anything from changing the saddle height, tightening the brakes to cutting a broken chain. This little multi-tool will is a swiss knife to a cyclist.

Multi Tool Cycling

Birzman Multi-Tool

5. Mobile Phone

Besides tracking your ride using the Strava, the mobile phone will be useful to call for help in case of an emergency, get directions if you get lost, or even give out your location to loved ones using  Life 360Family Locator and Sygic Family Locator.  You can download these apps for free from the Google Play store.

6. Water Proof Case

The weather is always unpredictable so the last thing you want is getting your mobile phone wet. A water proof case will help keep your phone dry from sweat and rain. If you cant get a hold of a water proof case then a sandwich bag will surfiest.

7. Saddle Bag

Now you could stuff most of the items down the rear pockets of your jersey, however there is only so much you can squeeze into the 3 pockets. So if you don’t have enough space for all of the items, then a saddle bag would be a good addition.

My Topeak saddle bag fits almost everything except my mobile phone which I slot into my back pocket. Even with all the items there is still room for a few energy gels.


8. Photo ID & Cash/Credit Card.

Also don’t forget to bring along a photo ID and some cash or credit card to pay for your coffee when you are out riding with your friends. The photo ID and credit card can be easily slotted in behind your mobile phone and placed in the water proof case.

I hope this small list will help give an idea on what to bring on a bike ride. Again these are the bare essentials and you can add more things to the list depending on how far you are cycling and what are the weather conditions in your area.

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